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The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA), as part of the Review of Public Administration, brings together the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland (DVLNI) and the Driver & Vehicle and Testing Agency (DVTA). This means that a single organisation will now be responsible for licensing and testing vehicles and drivers in Northern Ireland. In the short term, the services currently delivered by both Agencies will not change.

Cheques will continue to be made payable to DVTA or DVA as indicated on the application form.

Driver and Vehicle Testing

Find information about vehicle testing including, the vehicle test process, different types of tests, vehicle test locations and test fees. Find information regarding driver testing such as, test categories, test centre locations, vehicle safety, fees, Driver CPC and Motorcycle Manoeuvres Test. Find information on the Agency's Complaints Procedure.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing

Find driver and vehicle information including taxing a new or used vehicle, applying for a refund, applying for a duplicate tax disk, information about driving licences, commercial licensing, the issue of licences, endorsements / disqualifications, medical conditions, concessions and methods of payment. Find information on the Agency's Complaints Procedure.